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ABOUT US (& how we will supercharge your business)

Brand Concierge is the marketplace that opens doors to the top agencies around the world. Come to us for niche and full-services agencies in marketing, branding, PR & advertising.
Looking for something special? Just press our Concierge button and ask.

Our platform is also a sophisticated project management tool that makes hiring and working with an agency quick and easy. Tracking ROI on your campaign spending is built-in.

We want to build the next generation of brands. Agencies have the depth of resources and collective talent to transform your business in record time. We make hiring an agency quick, easy, comparative and transparent.

Gone is the sticker shock of the kitchen sink proposal, the complex RFP, the hidden network mark-ups and we've reworked the retainer.

Agency services are now pay-as-you-go...and this is a good thing for both brands and agencies. Invest a little, grow and then invest more to grow more.

All you need is a marketing budget and then to decide if you need a service, a campaign or long term plan delivered. Would you like to know what other brands budget?

Brands can post briefs and buy individual services or media from agencies.
Brands can buy into an agency created and delivered Roadmap (package of services) built around a campaign objective or growth goals. Roadmaps are for brands, serious about growing their business.

Roadmaps are essentially buy-now, online marketing plans created and delivered by great agencies that build market leading brands day-in and day-out.

The services within a Roadmap are pay-as-you-go and the milestones within every service on the Roadmap is also pay-as-you-go. Each individual service will have a price, a timeframe & set of deliverables.

Like what you see in a Roadmap, but it needs some tweaking? Simply ask an agency to tailor it to your brand's short or long term goals.

Go at your own pace, see the big picture & the next step, while being on top of your ROI.

We take care of the payment process. Brands pay for a milestone in a service up front and the funds are held in an escrow-like Project Wallet. Once a milestone is complete and delivered, your agency will invoice you with a touch-of-a-button and you can release the funds at the touch-of-a-button. We've made it super easy to get started and keep going.

An agency will see us as an online extension of their business development. Agencies can sell, track, manage and deliver multiple services and Roadmaps to multiple clients in their neighborhood and across the globe. Brand Concierge helps agencies keep their teams utilized and the gaps between projects filled.

We even make the project management for a full service agency even easier with Agency Alliances.

Agencies can invite agency suppliers to add services to their Roadmaps. When a brand buys a service or media from a supplier on a Roadmap, the referring agency will receive a pre-arranged referral commission and the supplier will get paid directly. Cloak your suppliers or let them work directly with your clients. How you work is up to you.

Brand Concierge takes a commission for facilitating the hire, Alliance agreements, referral commissions & payment process. All users agree to our 'play nice' terms, but a client is agreeing to an agency's T&Cs when they hire them.

Your in-house team and array of freelancers will only ever take your business so far.

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Lynn Kingelin is our CEO and Alistair Knight is our CTO.

Lynn ran the design side of a top global retail design studio in London for 4 years and has 20-years retail stores/product design agency experience as a designer. Brand Concierge is Lynn's vision of what she wished she had access to, when trying to find new clients fitting an ideal client profile with a limited budget, while trying keep her teams delivering retail magic and 100% billable. She is obsessed with what makes brands tick, differentiating and nailing the customer experience. Lynn saw a gap between brands that successfully navigated using an agency and those who didn't know where to start. She has mentored nascent brands and inspired entrepreneurs on brand positioning and competitor analysis for 10+ years over a lot of coffee and cocktails.

Alistair is the architectural genius behind the speed and connectedness of the Brand Concierge platform. Every bell and whistle that is about to transform your business on our platform was masterfully designed and plumbed together by Alistair. A full stack polyglot web, app & database developer, Alistair has 20+ years of experience, building systems for notable brands like Tesco, Royal Mail, My Travel and Great Ormond St. Hospital.

Both founders are big vision and committed to following it through to the littlest detail. Join us!